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Statement of Faith

What We Believe and Why We Believe It

We believe it's vital for those who claim to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, not only know what they believe but to also know why they believe it; and to support those beliefs by Scripture properly interpreted.

NBBBF believes all of the Essential and Cardinal Doctrines of the Christian faith. While there is some small debate in Christendom as to which beliefs are and which are not essential for one to be "born-again", there is no question that the following five doctrines are, singularly and collectively, an absolute must if one is to be considered a true Christian (or Saint, Believer, or child of God, etc.).

We encourage Believers to check out each Scripture reference provided, in its proper context.

Essential Christian Doctrines

I. The Deity of Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus is the one and only Being that was fully God and fully man.

Ref: John 1:1-14; Exodus 3:13-14 cf. (cross-reference) John 8:58

II. Christ's Vicarious Atonement for Man's Sin

We believe that Christ paid the penalty for your sin when He shed His innocent blood on the Cross.

Ref: John 1:29 cf. Romans 8:3 cf. 2 Corinthians 5:21 cf. Revelations 5:96

III. Christ's Bodily Resurrection from the Dead

We believe that Jesus rose from the dead physically.

Ref: John 2:19-21 cf. Luke 24:36-39

IV. The Trinity

We believe there is one God who subsists of three distinct persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Ref: Deuteronomy 6:4 and Mark 12:29, cf. with the following:

1. 1 Peter 1:2 - God, the Father

2. John 1:1-14 - God, the Son (Jesus Christ)

3. Acts 5:3-4 -- God, the Holy Spirit

V. Salvation By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone

We believe that salvation is a gift from God to all who have faith in Him, and that it is not a reward for good works. Salvation is a work of a loving and merciful God, not a work of sinful man.

Ref.: Ephesians 2:1-10 and 2 Timothy 1:9
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