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"Why People Attend NBBBF"


 Why Should YOU Attend NBBBF?

"Anyone should attend NBBBF. Simply put: the TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH, is taught.  Who could argue that"? 

Gabrielle Davis


"First, I know the integrity of the man delivering the message and that he would not manipulate the Word of God in any manner, nor for any reason.  Secondly, our pastor acknowledges that he is a sinner saved by grace who falls short of the glory of God, as is every person at NBBBF."

 Joseph T. Rouzan, III

Why attend NBBBF? Because unlike some churches, the focus is and has always been Jesus. I've been to several different churches in my life and this church is one of the few that really and truly focuses on Jesus and what He has done to save the lives of His people. We are a small but mighty church. This is a church that is caring and loving and has real love. I think sometimes others look for the size of the church to determine how well the Word of God is being taught, but size is almost never a good measuring stick.

It is always a blessing to know, at NBBBF the pastor reads the Word. He doesn't just tell you what it says. He wants to know what the church thinks and, more importantly, if we think for ourselves. There are some pastors out there who would not dream of letting the people speak in the church service because, after all, he is the reason the people are there anyway, right?  It is good to know Charlton Davis is not like that.

NBBBF is not a church that's out to get your money.  It's not a church that is trying to lift up the pastor and put him into a god-like status. This is a church that is committed to the truth and living out the truth as described in the Bible. We love, we laugh, we live to know Jesus more and more each day. Don't be mistaken, we love people enough to call them on their junk, but we will try and find a loving and compassionate way of doing it, just like Jesus.

I love NBBBF because, when I was a stranger, they took me in and loved me. They've shown me that I matter to God, but also to them. They show me they are concerned about me, and I think that is special. I love the NBBBF family, and I know others will, too.

Cherice Williams


I attend New Beginnings because my husband is the pastor and God's Word requires me to support him. When God calls a man to serve, He calls his whole household. As my husband heeds his calling, shame on me if I don't heed mine.

But I won't follow anyone, not even my own husband, if he's not following God. At New Beginnings, we are encouraged, by precept and by example, to really think and live like we love the Lord. That means trusting God, searching His Word, following what it says, loving each other, sharing the Gospel, defending the Faith, standing up for the truth no matter what the opposition, growing in spiritual wisdom, serving in humility, and keeping it all real, all for Christ's glory. Charlton endeavors to live what he teaches and preaches, at home as well as at church. I've seen his consistency with it--with all its ups and downs, all its joys and hurts, all its sacrifices--for more than 20 years. Therefore, I will go to whatever church God calls Charlton to pastor, not merely because he's my husband but more importantly because it's clearly been God calling him, and because God's voice is clearly the only one he listens to. Shame on Charlton if he ever stops listening, and shame on me and anyone who would still follow him after that. 

Laurel Davis


If you are looking for a church that teaches sound biblical doctrine, NBBBF is an ideal choice. When you come to NBBBF [consider yourself invited] you'll be encouraged to read YOUR Bible and understand it in proper context, instead of just extracting verses in a "willy-nilly" fashion. Truth really matters to God and to us. It is refreshing to see people really trying to get it right --- people who really want to live by God's Word instead of just doing what they want to do with no regard for the Scriptures.

One of NBBBF's most favorable attributes is its loving church family. We pray and demonstrate genuine concern for one another and the Body of Christ. It is very uplifting to see Christians truly caring for needs of others.

NBBBF is a great church because it upholds a Christian worldview in extremely "Christianity-intolerant" times. Pastor Charlton's messages provide biblical perspectives and answers on economic plunder, social pressures, temptations, morality and other daunting issues. NBBBF is helping people in their lives here and now, but even more importantly, sharing the Good News that leads to eternal life!

There are thousands of churches in Los Angeles, but I attend NBBBF for a myriad of good reasons.

What are you doing this Sunday?
Loetta Watkins


There are many reasons why I attend NBBBF. First of all, I am truly learning the Word of God.  I am proud to say I am shepherded by a wonderful Pastor, Charlton Davis, who teaches the truth of God's Word in love. He has dedicated his life to exposing false doctrine in the church and to address and correct error whenever it is presented. The ministry is based on sound doctrine, God's Holy Word given to us in context. I attend NBBBF because I am challenged and insistently encouraged by Pastor and by the Holy Spirit to study the Word of God outside of Sunday service, so that I will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and be able to articulate what I believe and why. I have been admonished, chastised, challenged and encouraged, always in love, to READ MY BIBLE DAILY!  I have to say, I miss the mark in so many areas that there are times I question if I am ever going to get it...and then I am reminded with God's Word that says He who has begun a good work in me is faithful to complete it. 

I attend NBBBF because I get the opportunity to know my pastor personally and don't have to stand in line to shake his hand. I love the idea of a small congregation worshipping the Lord in a family-type atmosphere.  It may sound like I put Pastor on a pedestal but, on the contrary, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is always on the Throne but I am attempting to given honor where honor is due. To me, Pastor is an example of Christ's love for His people. He is approachable, an excellent teacher with all the characteristics and qualities given to him by the Holy Spirit that enable him to be so.  He is a "real person" with real challenges in his own life, who is not afraid to share his life and his family with us, not just as a congregation but family.

I attend NBBBF because I enjoy a beautiful worship service in song. I am very privileged to be a part of our Worship/Praise Team where worship is Christ-centered and not a "show time" performance.  I work and fellowship with the most loving, down to earth, love-the-Lord people I know. 

I attend NBBBF because the fellowship with my church family is like none I've every known, which helps to encourage me to become a better person in my Christian walk in spite of my circumstances.  I am constantly learning how to bear each other's burdens, encourage one another, rejoice in each other's joys, pray for one another and even to tell the truth with love being the motive.  I love the fact that I see many of my church family members who strive to support one another sacrificially with their resources, talents, and gifts that the Lord has graciously given to us, to the point that we can't help but share them with each other. I love that we are a small church with the biggest hearts for the Lord that would rival any mega-church.  I attend NBBBF because, by the Lord's strength, we are continuing to grow in worshiping God in spirit and in truth and are determined even more so to press on towards the mark in spite of the hurtful, heart grieving, unbelievable circumstances that led to our break with LBTW. 

I attend NBBBF because I know we will always be a church that operates in integrity and honesty. I like that I am asked questions and am given the opportunity to raise questions and/or make comments for clarity on God's Word.  I rejoice in the fact that we are not a "seeker friendly" church to appease itching ears.  I am challenged to think for myself while using the Word of God as my measuring stick.  NBBBF desires to make all of us disciples of Christ who can share the truth of the Gospel with friends, family, neighbors, loved ones or others who cross our path, because Truth Really Does Matter! 
Lisa Edmond


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