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Intercessory Prayer
New Beginnings has a unique prayer network that shares prayer requests in real time. Proper discretion is always exercised. We're here to pray for you!
Sunday Service
11:00 am
1st Sunday, 11AM

Bible Study
Currently on hiatus.
Salvation Input


New Beginnings Believers Bible Fellowship cares about the salvation of every soul on earth. While we can't reach out and witness the Gospel to every single one of them directly, we can certainly pray for as many of them as possible. Add the names of family members and friends that you would like NBBBF to specifically pray for.

"Each loved one's name that you submit will be added to the E-Life Prayer List within 24 hours. Also, please let us know whenever the list needs to be updated, such as when your loved one's name gets transferred to the eternal Book of Life!"
The form is currently under construction.  In the interim,
please submit names via our "Prayer Requests" Page.
Eternity Is Too Long To Be Wrong

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